Halloween party 2019

Bran Castle will celebrate Halloween on Saturday, November 2th 2019, starting at 19:00.

Entertainment options available this year:

• The Night Tour ticket (70 lei for adults, 35 lei for children). Besides the Halloween decorations, this year's event comes with a unique sensory experience: spooky music and sounds, meeting Count Dracula and his friends - the creatures of the night; and of course, candy for the children. The dim lighting, squeaking floorboards and red wine will add the finishing touches to the atmosphere.

• The Combo ticket (180 lei), includes the night tour followed by the Halloween Party. Available only for people over 18 years old.

• Halloween Gourmet Dinner at Bran Castle’s Restaurant (320 Lei). Starting at 19:00, the creatures of the night are invited to dinner. Reservations at restaurant[at]bran-castle.com.

•Optional for the brave – The Time Tunnel (45 Lei). The package includes the ride into the Time Tunnel (elevator, multimedia show) and a black vodka shot. Tickets can only be purchased inside Contele gift shop, in the Castle’s inner courtyard. We sell maximum 80 tickets per hour.

•The Combo ticket + the Halloween Gourmet Dinner package includes free access to the Time Tunnel.

The Halloween Party takes place between 21:00 – 05:00, in the tent located in the Royal Park.

Warning: Please be cautious if you suffer from claustrophobia, sensitivity to intermittent lights and loud noises or if you’re carrying children in your arms! Also, please consider the low temperatures and the fact that the stairs and alleyways can be slippery. For your safety, please listen to the instructions of the Castle’s staff.

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